Vaybertaytsh is a feminist podcast for the Yiddish-speaking and Yiddish-curious.

The idea of Vaybertaytsh is simple: let's create a platform for Yiddish-speaking women and feminists to create and record new audio content in Mameloshn, such as songs, interviews, and stories. 

Vaybertaytsh is partly inspired by Second Wave feminist radio collectives of the seventies and beyond, which created opportunity for women to speak freely for a listening audience. We believe, furthermore, that in order to keep Yiddish a healthy, lively, and evolving language, we should use it to talk about our lives, politics, gender, Jewishness, sex, art and more, not only to talk about the language itself.

The name "vaybertaytsh" (lit: women's commentaries/translations) refers to Yiddish commentaries on the Torah that were written in Yiddish by men for women in Eastern Europe -- as one fine man noted, the original "mansplaining." We're flipping the concept of "vaybertaytsh" on its head, explaining and commenting on our own terms.

The podcast is entirely in Yiddish, but we hope that English speakers will follow our blog and social media, which will be dual-lingual. We encourage Yiddish learners to take a listen, and if you want to take part, please send us an email:

Vaybertaytsh is produced by Sandy Fox, or as she is called in Yiddish, Sosye. For more information about Sandy, click here.

Our logo was designed by the talented, Yiddish-speaking artist Shifra Whiteman.