Episode 16: {farvos} ?מאַמע-לשון אין דער אַקאַדעמיע | Mamaloshn Academy? by Sandra Fox

 Post-recording smiles.

Post-recording smiles.

Does "mamaloshn" exist in academia? Is the line between the personal and the professional too blurry when it comes to Yiddish Studies? Are academics part of the future of spoken Yiddish, or a different story entirely? Why should researchers of Yiddish actually speak Yiddish?

A dank Miriam Trinh for leading the conversation, and Miriam Borden, Yeshua Tolle, Gabriela Scherlis, Tanja Yakovleva, and Anastasiya Krachkovska for putting this together!

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Episode 15: {farvos} קװירקײַט | Queer in Yiddish by Sandra Fox

queer group.jpg

What does Yiddish have to do with queerness? What is it like to be trans or queer in Yiddish? Why Yiddish?

Introducing our "Farvos" series, put together by the students of the Naomi Prawar Kadar International Yiddish Program in Tel Aviv.

A dank Liel, Teddy, Refoel and Jessica for participating in this first of three episodes.

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