Episode 36: Zohar Weiman-Kelman | לעסביִאַנקעס, שדים, און ייִדישע פּאָעזיִע [Vaybertaytsh Halloween!] by Sandra Fox

Zohar Pic.jpg

Today’s episode is with Zohar Weiman-Kelman, a scholar of Yiddish literature and an all around badass. We talked about the erotics of Yiddish, fetish, ghosts, and poetry. Zohar also reads for us a spooky Yiddish poem. A dank Zohar! A fraylikhn Halloween tsu alemen!

I also want to send warm thoughts to everyone vis-a-vis the tragedy in Pittsburgh. I didn’t include anything in the episode about this because frankly I don’t have anything comforting to say in vos far a shprakh es zol nisht zayn, but I stand with all of you in the US and abroad who are feeling scared, sad, and angry. And to our listeners in Pittsburgh or from the area, Vaybertaytsh sends you love, warmth, and hugs. <3

See the text of the poem Zohar reads here.

A Kitzur: משקה, אַרױס פֿון דער שאַפֿע | "Mashke," Out of the Closet by Sandra Fox

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A special Vaybertaytsh Short to tide you over until next week! This episode includes a new, queerified version of Mikhl Gordon’s song “Mashke,” written and performed by Noam Lerman and Leana Jelen. You can find the lyrics here, both for the beginning parts which are true to the original, and for the new parts written by Nom and Leana. They performed the song at the Yidish Vokh 2018 “Talentanya.” Then then we went ahead and recorded it in the only quiet space with good acoustics at the Yidish Vokh — the inside of a closet. Yes, yes, the irony did not escape us! Enjoy, and thanks to Noam and Leana for sharing this with the world!

Episode 35: Shterna Goldbloom, "Feygele" Photographer (in English) | שטערנאַ גאָלדבלום by Sandra Fox

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It’s our once-in-a-blue-moon English episode (horrah!) and we’ve got a great one: a conversation with the amazing photographer Shterna Goldbloom. Check out her work as we discuss it on the show at www.shternagoldbloom.com, and see the evolution of her newest project, “Feygele,” which was not published online at the time we spoke.

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Episode 34: ליאַנאַ יעלען, שטום־לשון איבערזעצערקע | Leana Jelen by Sandra Fox


A conversation with Leana Jelen about her work as a sign language interpreter, the deaf community, growing up with Yiddish, and on being a "freak.”

Find our full conversation as a Yiddish transcript here.

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(A fraylikhn gebortstog, Rukhl Dobkin!)

Episode 33: דירעקט אין שװעדן | Live in Sweden! by Sandra Fox

Sweden Live.JPG

Thank you to everyone in Stockholm who made Sosye feel so welcome, and who made this episode possible. Learn more about Yiddish in Sweden here. 

The words Sosye talks about in Swedish are:
1. Östermalmstorg = A main train station in Central Stockholm
2. Nu = Now
3. Bra = Good
4. Slut = End
5. bröd = a sort of cracker that is everywhere in Sweden (People eat herring and bröd).

Episode 32: די עראָטישע פּאָעזיִע פֿון טרױם קאַץ הענדלער | The Erotic Poetry of Troim Katz Handler by Sandra Fox

 Left and Top: Troim Katz Handler, Bottom Left: Shoshke-Rayzl Yuni, Bottom Right: Perl Krupit

Left and Top: Troim Katz Handler, Bottom Left: Shoshke-Rayzl Yuni, Bottom Right: Perl Krupit

In this episode, hear and learn about the erotic and romantic poetry of Troim Katz Handler. See the poems in the order they appear in the episode here

This episode was produced by Shoshke-Rayzl Yuni and Pearl Lipsky Krupit, cut together by Sosye. Thanks to all!

See Troim's interview with Christa Whitney at the Yiddish Book Center here.

Episode 29: יהודית װאַלעצקי | A Fierce Red Lip by Sandra Fox


Sosye spoke to her good friend Yudis about something they had never discussed before in any detailed way: her work as an industrial designer at Estee Lauder. They talked sexism in the industry, the intersections and contradictions between feminism and make-up, her design inspirations, branding, and the buzz-concept of self-care. It was awesome! An episode everyone can appreciate, even those of you who never wear or buy make-up. 

Episode 27: {redn mit di toyte} Ruth Rubin | רות רובין by Sandra Fox


Sosye "speaks" with her hero Ruth Rubin, with help from singers, scholars, and archival sounds. 

Thank you so much to our participants, David Roskies, Talia Martz-Oberlander, Michael Yashinsky, Adah Hetko, and Eleonore Biezunski. Thanks to the Yiddish Book Center for allowing us to use an archival recording of Ruth Rubin from 1978, so we could "speak" to her.  A groyse dank to our first advertising sponsors, the League for Yiddish and the YIVO Summer Program, and Sheva Zucker for her help and patience!  On the League for Yiddish's website, you can find details about "A Tog Yiddish Seminar" with David Fishman on April 22nd. The YIVO Summer Program this summer, the due date is April 2, so apply fast!

Don't forget to check out YIVO's digital exhibition on Ruth Rubin, with 1500 songs, starting April 4, at exhibitions.yivo.org

Many of Rubin's albums can be found on iTunes and Spotify, but Sosye's favorite songs, which are on "Yiddish Love Songs," have been removed everywhere except for YouTube. Note also that some of the songs online are mislabeled, name-wise, though the ones below are accurate. If you want Mp3 versions, contact us. The songs in this episode are, in order. 

  1. "Gitare"
  2. "Shvern Shver Ikh"
  3. "Bay Dem Shtetl" (and another amazing version here)
  4. "Dortn Dortn" performed at the Yidish Vokh 
  5. "Shpilt-zhe Mir"
  6. "Dortn Dortn