A Kitzur: משקה, אַרױס פֿון דער שאַפֿע | "Mashke," Out of the Closet / by Sandra Fox

Nom and Leana pic.jpg

A special Vaybertaytsh Short to tide you over until next week! This episode includes a new, queerified version of Mikhl Gordon’s song “Mashke,” written and performed by Noam Lerman and Leana Jelen. You can find the lyrics here, both for the beginning parts which are true to the original, and for the new parts written by Nom and Leana. They performed the song at the Yidish Vokh 2018 “Talentanya.” Then then we went ahead and recorded it in the only quiet space with good acoustics at the Yidish Vokh — the inside of a closet. Yes, yes, the irony did not escape us! Enjoy, and thanks to Noam and Leana for sharing this with the world!