Episode 37: גיטל שעכטער־ווישוואַנאַט און שרה־רחל שעכטער | The Schaechter Sisters, Rukhl and Gitl / by Sandra Fox

Photo courtesy of Naima Green.

Photo courtesy of Naima Green.

A conversation with Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath and Sore-Rukhl Schaechter about their Yiddish childhoods, Barnard in the 1970s, Camp Hemshekh, and more. Thanks Gitl and Sore-Rukhl!

Transcript of the interview can be found here! Thank you Jonah Sidman for your work.

Thanks to Tsvey Brider for letting us use your song “Likhtlekh.”

*This episode had some sound-challenges due to recording at Yidish Vokh with wind and kids playing outside! Thank you for understanding!*