English Specials

Once in a blue moon, Vaybertaytsh puts out episodes for our English-speaking friends who haven’t learned Yiddish yet. They are in the same feed as our Yiddish episodes on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, or you can listen to them through the links below. Check them out!



An episode with the incredible klezmer group, Tsibele! They also played live in Sosye’s apartment!

Shterna Pic.jpg

Shterna Goldbloom

A chat with the awesome photography, Shterna Goldbloom, on queerness, domesticity, Jewishness, and her art.


On Naomi Prawar Kadar

As an English extra to our episode “Our Mothers, aka ‘The Club,’” dealing with the subject of losing mothers at young ages, a conversation with Einat Kadar on her mother, Naomi Prawar Kadar.