Episode 9: מאַרשירן אַרום דער װעלט | The Women's March on Everywhere / by Sandra Fox

Special thanks to our contributors: Shifra Whiteman, Leah Whiteman, Benna Kessler, Meira Goodman, Anye Koyfmensch, Eshke Kirzane, Talia Martz-Oberlander, Didem Uca, Shikl Friedman, Naftali Ejdelman, Yishai Stein, Jenny Katzman, the Moss Mishpokhe, and Yudis Waletzky. For inquiries vis-a-vis music in this episode, contact us: vaybertaytsh@gmail.com.

A dank Jessica Podhorcer, who stepped up after hearing the episode to do a transcript! You can find her transcript here.

No transcript available for this episode. Sorry for any inconvenience!