Announcing the Vaybertaytsh Cocktail Contest! / by Sandra Fox

At our Season II Release Party on April 30th, Vaybertaytsh supporters will get a chance to win a free Vaybertaytsh tote-bag from our first ever batch when they enter a special cocktail concoction into our contest! Just make a liter's worth of a Vaybertaytsh-inspired cocktail, bringing your materials with you and arranging it either at the party or at home, and let our special panel of faynshmeckers (of judges with gourmet taste) decide who has made the perfect cocktail evoking the themes of the podcast. The winner of the contest will not only get the tote-bag, but also the glory of having their recipe posted on Vaybertaytsh's social media and a shoutout on the second episode of the podcast. Also, Sosye's voice on your home answering machine. (That's an NPR joke, but I will seriously do that for you if you want).


1) Bring your cocktail, or your materials for your cocktail, to the party, with enough of it to make about one liter's worth.

2) Write a description of your cocktail and any symbolic elements in Yiddish (if you need help, contact Sosye).

If you have any questions contact

Mit Khavershaft,