Five Podcasts to Hear Now / by Sandra Fox

Tayere Tsuherers:

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Vaybertaytsh's second season! Abby was such a pleasure to talk to, and I loved working with my pal Ari Greenberg on the interview. 

I've been receiving the question from people new to the world of podcasts, "What else should I be listening to?" I've decided to make a top five list of my podcasts (these are just my favorites right now -- it is a constantly revolving list!) in English. 

Sosye's Top Five Podcasts of the Moment:

5. The Daily: The New York Time's daily podcast, which started after Trump was elected. Great spot to get inside scoops and opinions on the news of the day. It is usually a tidy, short 20 minute episode - the right amount for not going crazy or getting upset about the state of the world.

4. 2 Dope Queens: Hosted by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, 2 Dope Queens is a comedy show that is recorded live. 

3. Why Oh Why: Andrea Silenzi tackles the straight dating world in this at times funny, at times sad podcast that wavers between truth and fiction. Perfect for women in their twenties and thirties for whom dating has become stressful or painful, because it gives a sense of camaraderie and brings humor into the experience.

2. The Heart: This show inspired me to do Vaybertaytsh. Formerly called Audio-Smut, The Heart is a show about love and sex. You'll find stories of romance gone awry, strange sexual experiences, one day love affairs, and assault. The show has a solidly feminist and queer voice, and the hosts do amazing things with audio.

1. S-Town: I don't think I need to explain what this is, but fine -- I'll try. S-Town is the story of a man in a small-town in Alabama. Just go listen to it, okay? Trust me.

So now you know what to listen to when Vaybertaytsh takes its usual two week hiatus. Let me know what you think of them in the comments! 

In Khavershaft,